Workshops about personality disorders in association with European Society for the Study of Personality Disorders (ESSPD)

June 4-6, 2015 Tallinn, Estonia

Arnoud Arntz: Schema therapy for personality disorders in general

Anthony Bateman: Mentalization based treatment for antisocial personality disorder: Introduction to clinical practice

Martin Bohus: DBT for PTSD related to childhood sexual abuse in patients with Borderline Personality Disorder – a multicomponent programme

Giancarlo Dimaggio: Metacognitive Interpersonal Therapy for avoidant personality disorder

Ad Kaasenbrood: Social psychiatric management for people with a personality disorder

Babette Renneberg: Cognitive-behavior therapy of social anxiety and avoidant personality disorder

In association with

Tallinn University
Estonian Association for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
Eesti Psühholoogide Liit

Organiser European Society for the Study of Personality Disorder, ESSPD