Course title in Estonian: Kognitiiv-käitumisteraapia juhendaja koolitus
Course title in English: Training of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy supervisors
The type of training: Continuing professional training for adults
Nominal duration: 2 years
Volume: 10 ECTS (260 hrs, incl 78 hrs of face to face and 182 hrs of self-directed study)
Language of instruction: Estonian

Objectives of the course: Acquisition of the theory and skills for supervision in CBT / professional competency B2.17 Training and supervision for Clinical Psychologist- Psychotherapist according to Estonian professional standard Clinical Psychologist, level 7 (

Learning outcomes: 
 1. is able to lecture and conduct seminars/workshops for CBT students, CBT therapists and other health professionals, keeping up with the current developments in CBT;
 2. is able to lecture and conduct seminars/workshops for broader audience to promote CBT approach;
 3. is able to supervise CBT trainees and CBT therapists;
 4. has profound and critical understanding of CBT theories, principles and methods;
 5. is familiar with current research on CBT and able to integrate the results into practice of therapy and supervision;
 6. is competent in general educational theories and principles, supervision models and techniques and is able to implement them in CBT supervision.

Content of the course: Theories and models of supervision; educational principles and methods; the assessment methods of CBT competences; the models and indicators of personal development of the therapist; ethical principles of supervision; practice of supervision under supervision; regular discussions in co-vision groups; receiving individual supervision; reading current scientific research on the theories and methods of CBT; regular teaching of CBT on academic level (in universities and/or EKKA-accredited training programs).

Entry requirements: Prerequisite is graduation of Supervised practice of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (fully trained CBT therapist); teaches CBT in EKKA-accredited training programs; is member of EKKA.

Graduation requirements: At least 5 yrs of practicing CBT as fully trained therapist; participation in the theory and skills classes; at least 2 CBT-therapists supervised under supervision; participation in co-vision discussions. Graduation application will be submitted to the accreditation committee accompanied with: (1) log-book of the supervision practice; (2) 2 supervision case analyses. After successful graduation of the course participants receive a certificate, which qualifies them for independent supervision of the CBT therapists and CBT trainees and gives right to apply to the Estonian Professional Qualification Committee for Clinical Psychologists for the specific qualification B.2.17. Psychological training and supervision according to Estonian professional standard (

Training rooms, equipment & materials: The room confirms to the occupational health and safety requirements as prescribed in the Occupational Health and Safety Act and is equipped to enable comfortable training environment for each participant.

Trainers: CBT therapists with the supervision training, at least 5 yrs of work experience in CBT as fully trained therapist, and qualification of CBT supervisor of EKKA.

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